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Hi. My name is Sue Bise Powers. I'm the daughter of Tommy & Gaye Bise from Caney Ridge. I probably attended Bise school the last year it was in session because I only went there when I was in first grade. I had Mrs. Beulah McCowan for a teacher. I still remember the big classroom with all seven grades in the one room and playing there in the school yard and how good the water tasted from the big old hand pump. I still live on Caney Ridge next to my mom & dad.


Hi.  My name is Kyle Rose.  Nice find. I went to Trace Fork but my Aunt Lora and Uncle Clinton Bise lived just across the road from the Bise school. I'm sure about everyone who went to Bise knew my grandparents, Ab and Anna Rose, who lived down on Caney Creek across from the pool. I can still hear those bull frogs and whipperwills way back in a simpler time.

Thanks Greg for putting this together.

Gilda Yates Stanley

Greg, you are doing a great job. Some of my happiest memories wereat Bise School 1st grade through the 7th. Things were so simple and memories so sweet. We were taught the three "R's" from our teachers, and Bible stories from the "Bible Women" who came to our school. We sang, danced and played with classmates we will never forget.


Name:     Jerry Marshall
Subject:  Bise Family

Hello from Wise, County

Just surfed in while looking for Bise, Virginia. Good looking site.

Does anyone have info on a Robert Burton Bise Family, I think he had a daughter named Delilah that married George Carty? My grandmother Bessie Carty (married William Marshall) was supposed to lived in Bise, Virginia when she was married in 1914.

Also, what would be the directions from Coeburn?





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